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Why We Need The Fairlife Charity?

The need for financial education is well documented, but without industry change it may be of limited value

(see Financial Education/Link to fair trading).

The need for industry change is very real:

Nobody wants to be exploited.  At a low level it makes you unhappy, at a high level it can ruin your life.  It puts pressure on families, employers and public services with budgets for our NHS and benefits system both being stretched by these practices.  Mistrust of the finance industry is also contributing to a pensions & savings crisis that will affect everyone.

Profiting from people's weaknesses must be stopped

Good firms want to rid their industry of these practices, but to do it they need your help.  Products that exploit the vulnerable can offer you cheaper loans or higher interest on your savings.  They look better value but across a lifetime nobody wins from these products except the provider.  You never expect to be forgetful or caught by small print but every year it happens.  And even if you never get caught, you'll still pay for those who do through their impact on public services.

Nobody wins from products that exploit the vulnerable

The FairLife Mark will guide you to products you can trust.  Please look for the mark, as it will help others in society as much as it helps you.  For many in our country the World we live in reflects the choices we make.

How FairLife helps mark holders & the finance industry

The FairLife Charity is a route to a more profitable finance industry and a more financially resilient population. It benefits all stakeholders: consumers, industry and government.



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Regulatory Compliance

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Public Recognition


ESG Contribution

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To find out more about how your organisation can benefit from supporting us and displaying the FairLife Mark:

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