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Get Involved

Finance Companies

Gain recognition for your leading products and commitment to customers. Highlight your company as a firm that people can trust – one that truly believes in consumer duty. See Join Us.

Schools, Colleges & Universities

Become a FairLife School, College or University and commit to raising the profile of financial education. Supporting FairLife will help your students grow into financially responsible adults, in society that offers a fairer life for everyone. See Join Us.




  • Look for the FairLife Mark when buying financial products and services.

​Supporting firms that display the mark is a great way to help drive out the rogues and poor practices.


Get Involved

It’s YOUR finance industry:  get involved and make it work for YOU.


FairLife Mark

Look for the FairLife Mark:  it will guide you to products you can trust.

  • Raise awareness of the FairLife Charity.



Encourage your child’s school to become a FairLife School and promote financial education.



Encourage your college, university or students' union to get involved.



Raise awareness of the FairLife Mark where you can.

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Your support now will make a big difference. 

Please do what you can and together we'll create a brighter financial future for us all.

The FairLife Mark is on your side

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