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To apply for the FairLife Mark please complete the form below.  If you have any questions please contact:


Upon receipt of your application the charity will review your details and come back to you with any questions.  Once your application has been approved we will provide you with our joiners pack which will include digital copies of the FairLife Mark, supporting literature and an invoice if you are liable for an annual fee.

Please tick which of the below are relevant to your application. By selecting the box you are confirming that your organisation meets the relevant criteria.

Fair Trading
Financial Education


Please select which is relevant to your organisation: 

In submitting your application you agree to the conditions listed below:

  • In using the mark you agree to not knowingly harm the FairLife Charity’s reputation; 

  • You may revoke this agreement at any time for any reason

  • the Trustees of the FairLife Charity may revoke this agreement, in whole or in part, for breaches of its code of conduct.

  • The charity may use your company name and logo when highlighting supporters unless asked not to.

  • You agree the charity can share and use your information as required by GDPR.

  • We reserve the right to audit and seek future confirmations that you continue to meet the necessary product criteria.

The FairLife Mark is a trademark awarded by the charity to responsible finance providers and not an accreditation mark.  

Thank you, your application has been submitted. We will review your details and come back to you shortly.

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