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How FairLife supports social sustainability

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Fair trading in finance provides a foundation for social sustainability.

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Financial education on a national scale will build on that foundation.


Social Responsibility

Combining fair trading and financial education turbo-charges both.

FairLife will uplift social sustainability in a way that lasts for generations.

Beyond fair trading and financial education, FairLife further promotes social sustainability by encouraging organisations to consider other areas such as employee wellbeing.

There is an adage that says a decent society cannot be created by laws alone, there must be a moral obligation. The FairLife Charity offers a route to identify specific, peer-agreed ways that the industry can apply this moral obligation above the regulators’ rules and principles.

How FairLife supports the UN Social Development Goals

By supporting the FairLife Charity, finance firms are working towards the following Sustainable Development Goals as set out by the United Nations:


UN Goal

Quality education.

FairLife Contribution

Financial education in schools


Decent work and economic growth.

Fairly traded products


Peace, justice and strong institutions

Trustworthy companies 

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