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Report A Concern

If you have a concern about a FairLife-marked product not meeting its required criteria then we want to hear from you.

Reporting a concern

If you find evidence that a product provider is no longer following the required criteria; please report your concerns by emailing or completing the form below to report your concerns - anonymously if you wish.

Please remember that a FairLife Mark cannot prevent all poor practices. Providers are only asked to offer specific benefits, or refrain from selected practices considered avoidable on a voluntary basis. These are detailed on the product’s criteria page. The fair-trading programme must not put the country’s good firms at a competitive disadvantage, as this is counter productive. The mark’s impact will strengthen as financial education rises across the country.

What we will do

We will endeavour to investigate your concerns and report our findings back to you.  In most cases the breach is likely to be accidental.  In the unlikely event that an unauthorised breach cannot be resolved, the FairLife Charity has the power to remove the FairLife Mark from any product or service that no longer meets its standards. 

Report Your Concern

Thanks for reporting your concern!

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