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Financial Education Providers

The FairLife Mark for financial education highlights third party providers of financial education.    The mark is for providers that share our passion for helping adults and children learn about money.  Evidence suggests that children’s long-term attitudes to personal finance can be formed early in life, so the sooner we can get children thinking about money the better.  Giving young people a basic understanding of saving, spending and borrowing can help them make smarter choices later in life and to avoid costly mistakes.

FairLife Schools are committed to promoting basic financial skills and helping their children to gain a greater understanding of the financial world.  The FairLife Charity also encourages these schools to look at programmes of financial education run by third party providers.

By supporting the FairLife Charity you are also helping to establish a fair trading mark in the British finance industry, which will give everyone a brighter financial future.  Encouraging products that are transparent and easier to understand is another part of our mission to promote fairness in society through fairness in finance.

To download a summary of the mark CLICK HERE

Criteria Financial Education Provider


The FairLife Mark may be displayed by the third-party provider e.g. on their website or on the financial education materials themselves.

1.    The first criterion is to secure recommendations from three groups that have participated in your financial education programme.
2.    The second criterion is that the focus of the programme must be educational and not to advertise commercial products or services.

It is acceptable that the licensee’s name and brand logo may be visible on the materials, but the materials must not recommend any specific products or services.  The charity’s Trustees may tighten this criterion to ask that brand names and logos are not used on materials designed for pupils to use.

3.    The third criterion is to help raise awareness of the FairLife Charity by displaying the mark on your financial education materials.

The FairLife Mark is a mark of integrity which may, at the discretion of the charity, be awarded based on the provider’s own declarations.  The financial education mark is free and can be requested by email.  The mark can also be cancelled by email at any time.

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