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Colleges, Universities & Student Unions

Colleges, universities and student unions are awarded the FairLife Mark for encouraging all students to be smart with their money and for helping those with financial concerns.  It’s crucial that the next generation understands the importance of actively managing their finances and protecting their credit rating.

FairLife colleges, universities and student unions are helping to give students the knowledge and life skills they need to make good financial decisions throughout their lives.  By supporting the FairLife initiative they are also helping to establish a fair trading mark in the British finance industry, which will create a brighter financial future for us all.

To download a summary of the mark CLICK HERE

Criteria for Colleges, Universities & Student Unions

1.    The first criterion is that the management and/or the officers of the students’ union agree to support the FairLife initiative.
2.    The second criterion is actively helping students to understand and manage their finances.  There are five parts to this criteria:
a)    A person the students’ can speak with about financial concerns 
b)    Information for all new students 
c)    Education and guidance material displayed around the university
d)    Education and guidance material available on-line
e)    A stand at Freshers’ Fair (or other event) promoting your resources to new students.
3.    The third criterion is to raise awareness of the FairLife Charity by displaying the FairLife Mark on relevant literature and making information about the charity available to staff and students.

Materials for criteria 2 and 3 are available from the Money Charity, Blackbullion or FairLife Charity. 


The FairLife Mark is free to colleges, universities and student unions.  It is awarded based on the institution’s own declarations and can be cancelled at any time.

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