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About Us

Take a look at our video for a brief introduction to the FairLife Charity.


The charity works with joint purpose to manage the FairLife Mark. It combines members’ input with that of other stakeholders to add a level of consumer protection above the regulators’ rules.  The charity is operationally very efficient; it’s strength lies in its people and its collaborative approach.  Key people are listed below:


A senior team with a broad experience base ensures that the charity abides by its guiding principles to be fair to the public and business practical.  Experience of our Trustees ensures that views are represented from the finance industry, the community and the financially disadvantaged.  Their primary role is to ensure that the charity develops in line with its mission and goals.

Trustees act as an independent oversight on the work of the Executive, ensuring that the charity is run robustly and with good governance. All Trustees act in a personal capacity (click for bios)


The Executive and management team are responsible for the day to day operation of the charity.

Dr Paul Boscott 2.jpg

Dr. Paul Boscott



Oliver Rice

Technology & Infrastructure


Stuart Phillips



Jo Davis

Fund raising &

Events Co-ordination


Paul Marsden 



Terence Tsang

Legal Counsel

Charlotte_Coulson (002).png

Charlotte Coulson 

PR & Media Executive


The charity’s Ambassadors have a wide experience base covering the finance industry and the community.  Their role is to promote the charity and offer expert guidance when needed.  All Ambassadors act in a personal capacity.

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