Finance Companies

The FairLife Mark has been designed to restore trust in the finance industry.  It will act as a beacon, helping to guide consumers, whilst allowing competition and customer choice to flourish.

Early adopters will stand out from their peers as having a progressive, consumer-centric business model.

How you can support the FairLife Charity.

  • View our range of FairLife Marks (Product & Service marks / Commitment marks);
    • Apply and get recognition for your leading products.  
    • See the standards that your industry colleagues are embracing.
    • Work towards meeting these reasonable standards.
  • Help us to design more FairLife Marks and to spread the charity’s umbrella of trust.
  • Follow the FairLife Charity on Twitter or Linkedin and encourage your industry colleagues to embrace the FairLife initiative.
  • Encourage your suppliers to find out about the FairLife Charity.
  • Send an email to us at and we’ll add your company name to our supporters list.  

Your support can make a big difference!  Most firms recognize that they will be more profitable offering products that people trust and are keen to have. The FairLife Charity wants to help build a finance industry that is bigger, more profitable and more trusted.  Be part of establishing a fair trading mark in finance!