Your business, your staff and your customers will all benefit from fairer banking.  Support the FairLife Charity and show you're a leading company.

Do you qualify for a Fair Finance Mark?  This is a gold standard in treating customers fairly for non-financial products.  If you price honestly and don't exploit customer's weaknesses, display the mark. It guides customers to companies they can trust.

Do you qualify for a Pension Funding Mark?  Contributions or matching of 5% or more will help your employees save for their retirement.

Raise awareness of the FairLife Charity:

  • Get in touch.  Email admin@fairlifecharity.org or call 020 366 40377.
  • Display an advert.  See Information & Posters under the Get Involved menu.
  • Follow us on Twitter: @FairLifeCharity

Your support will make a big difference and your company will benefit in multiple ways.

Be a leading company

 Price honestly  -  Trade fairly  -  Tell your customers