Why It's Needed

Britain is facing a generation of hard-working people struggling to save and struggling to retire.  Change is needed now to prevent the current crisis from getting any worse and to fix this problem for future generations.

We need to improve standards in the finance industry and to ensure that everyone in Britain benefits.  There is no better way to rebuild peoples’ trust and kick-start the culture of saving the country needs.

With change Britain can create:

  • A fairer society.
  • A confident and motivated workforce.
  • A leading economy able to prosper in the harsher financial climate.
  • A respected, world-leading financial services industry, powering our companies and generating growth
  • A life path for everyone that is fair and dependable

A culture of saving

We all need to save more for our retirement, but this is difficult in the current climate.  The FairLife Foundation is about first saving people money and then convincing them to invest those savings for their future.

A trusted finance industry

A culture of saving requires a trusted finance industry. Products featuring the FairLife Mark will help to build this trust.