FairLife's Goals

 FairLife's Goals are to:

  • Improve the finance industry.
  • Raise living standards.
  • Create a life path for everyone that is fair and dependable. 

The stepping stones to success 

FairLife's Product and Service Marks will:

  • Highlight financial products that offer a defined benefit to the public
  • Help to rebuild trust in the financial services industry
  • Create savings for consumers and help to reduce debt
  • Target less ethical practices
  • Protect the vulnerable

FairLife's commitment Marks will:

  • Improve peoples' lives financially
  • Strengthen the confidence and motivation of the workforce
  • Highlight organisations at the forefront of Corporate Social Responsibility both toward their employees and the British public.

The route to success

  • The FairLife Mark established as a mark of trust
  • A growing list of volunteers and supporting companies
  • Most importantly: the public choosing products backed by the FairLife Mark